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The decline of women wrestling in one piece outfits July 29, 2011

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Okay this is a bit of a rant but nobody can deny that if you look at a female wrestling match between two women wearing one piece leotards and then look at a match with two women wearing trousers the difference is amazing. I understand the argumants for and against and the desire for the combatants to retain their dignity but in a sport where the men can happily wrestle in small high cut shorts why do the ladies seem to want to hide all the flesh. Yes its true i appreciate the ladies as much for how they look as to how well they wrestle but if you ask any female wrestling fan why they like the sport i guarantee you all will like it partially for how the wrestlers look, why else would the WWE for instance have a roster of guys like that yet there ladies divison look like playmates of the month and wear shorts?

Thankfully we have sites like:

http://mlwonline.com/ – these girls look great but only seem to wear the one piece mroe for private tapings and as soon as they seem to get promoted choose less revealing outfits, Mary E Monroe looked amazing in a black one piece and now has started covering up, thank goodness for the likes of Veronica Fairchild (Retiring), Barbi HAyden and Million Dollar Baby to name a few.

http://www.pippalvinn.com/pippalvinn.co.uk/index.html – still doing it and doing it well, has always dressed well and long may she continue, would like to see some new british talent coming through and would be great if she could build a roster of girls liek mlwonline in the UK but i canrt see it happening.

http://www.clfem.com/ – This is the new site but they have been around a while with a growing roster, great submisison matches and im a fan!

Anyway rant over but if any female wrestler read this please take note or not? I get the showbizz I get the pizzazz but you can still have that, then get to the ring and look fantastic.



Mixed Wrestling on Femwrestle.co.uk April 7, 2010

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Just a quick update to say we have added a mixed wrestling section to the site, we understand this is a large market and although this site is just a blog/fan site thought it needed an offering.



Mixed Wrestling April 5, 2010

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I never paid much attention to mixed wrestling, I have to say I’m guilty of loving the purity of female vs female, saying that even within the fem vs fem genre I was fickle preferring a sexy one-piece swimsuit style suit or sports bikini over frilly underwear or a pair of damn shorts!

Maybe the Internet itself is responsible, You Tube and the like for opening my eyes a little!

You look at a video/link at it suggests another and you find yourself being led all around the place and one place is mixed wrestling.

I make no bones about the fact I dislike certain outfits on female wrestlers, so why do the men so often end up in cheap full tracksuits, it totally detracks from the whole exercise!

If a man is going to take on a woman in a competitive match and she has the decency to dress well for the match I think he should do the same, a good pair of wrestling shorts, Greco singlet or the like would do, just an opinion?

Anyway will be adding a mixed section soon as I am starting to appreciate it, if only from a fickle perspective!


An opinion on womens wrestling April 2, 2010

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I admit to being very fickle with womens wrestling, when it comes to men it is pretty irrelevent what they wear as long as they put on a convincing show. There are obviously a large number of men and women who like to see wrestling, and a good few like to see the guy wrestle in a pair of small shorts and have truly buff bodies, but having started my appreciation for the sport watching Saturday night wrestling when I lived on the east coast USA there were not many around pre-wwe, the characters were there but they were big old school men, strong but not cut, the likes of ‘Jake “The Snake” Roberts’.

There are a number of sub-genres much like the womens side that cater for everyone, the standard gay style wrestling where 2 guys in a ring very well built wearing very small briefs similar to bodybuilders competition briefs, which happily sits alongside the glamour style of womens wrestling with small straing bikinis and heels.

My issue is one I have heard so many times with female wrestling, the costumes are so wrong!!!!

Now I don’t mind a good catfight, it is certainly not my favorite genre but done well I like most men will watch, this is generally where the problem stems from, in a catfight whether starting dressed or just in Lingerie, the basis is 2 women ripping clothes and pants and bras off each other, pulling hair and in certain matches a bit of breast mauling. Of course there are sub-genres where they get sexual or start naked but the essence is there.

Based on this even 2 women in a professional ring harks back to a catfight and is often referred to as such and therefore cannot avoid sexual undertones?

Look at a film like California Dolls, Iris looked amazing in her one-piece high cut leotards and yes I’m sure many men looked at her from a sexual perspective but no more than a lady in a bar, at a club, on TV etc etc. So why do all these female wrestlers cover up so much.

Forgetting the likes of GLOW or POWW as these were meant to excite and looking at LPWA for instance, those women looked fantastic and NEW how to wrestle, they had characters but did not get bogged down in Soap-Opera style TV.

If trish stratus has worn a sporty high cut swimsuit or sports bikini with knee pads and boots do you think more men would have tuned in, maybe, would she have been sexualised in the public eye more, probably not due to the shear amount of Bikini shoots?

The fact is the women who wrestle need to loosen up, they of course need to keep their dignity, a bikini that has to be adjusted every 10 seconds is annoying anyway. Get your legs out, get high cut, get sexy and get wrestling.


Georgina – A wrestler specific page. March 29, 2010

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A new speciality gallery, focusing on an individual rather than a site or genre. I have been a customer of festelle and linked sites for sometime, and been aware of Georgina who has appeared in a number it wrestling bouts / fights on the TPC wrestling site.

I for one think she’s great, she looks great, very girl next door, very natural and she dresses very well, but mist if all she is a pleasure to watch.

She has talent and the tenacity to stick with it and try to fight back, so many times the simplest of holds women tap out, she just waits and picks her moment to come back and reverse the hold, talent and staying power, a great grappling combination.

I have placed a gallery online at:



Montreal Wrestling League March 24, 2010

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I came across the Montreal Wrestling League today via seeing a video on Youtube!


Here we have a truly stunning 20 year old lass called Allison Price (click here) who got hold of mutiny (click here) with the idea of finding attractive girls who were happy to mix it up a little bit on the mat in biknis, not shorts or trousers but the good old fashioned bikini, the audition tapes look amazing and the future looks bright, not only for this promotion but for the likes of me who will get to see the outcome. 1 word ‘Fantastic’, I love it when these idea appear but its not a new idea, the problem is usually these are packaged badly aiming too much at stories or sex or violence.

The female wrestling world just got a whole lot better!

Visit our site at www.femwrestle.co.uk

See a stunning screen shot of mutiny from one of the audition tapes – click here

UK Female wrestling scene is Lush March 24, 2010

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I also came across this site today!


A UK based, yes i said it a UK based group who offer female grappling and catfighting, its raw, its real and they have not gone for any over clever camera work which makes for a great viewing experience. What really makes this stand out for me is a young grappler called Lush. With these stats, Age = 21, Height = 5′1″, Weight = 8.5st, Size = 8, Bust = 36C, you would expect her to struggle but this comes packaged in a great little sporty figure that is a right little powerhouse with what can only be seen from the previews as great determination and tenacity.

I am going to investigate further so I can get a full opinion but im sure I will not be disapointed, my only question is which download to get, I love sporty looking female wrestlers in a black one piece so she fits the mould 110% but i like the opponent to be dressed in a similar fashion which they are not, although Lush v Star is looking pretty great!

Check this site out, you wont be disapointed and the best thing is knowing this is happening on our great shores for a change.

Visit our site at www.femwrestle.co.uk

All the Marbles / California Dolls March 22, 2010

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I have a comprehensive image gallery of what would probably the best wrestling film ever made if it wasn’t for ‘The Wrestler’.

The beauty of All the Marbles otherwise known as The California Dolls was not only the wrestling but the cast. The wrestlers playing the Dolls were not 18 yr old Hollywood household names, they were not superfit looking waifs, they were women with strong fit and toned bodies but still with a glamourous curvations look, Peter Falk was amazing!

They had a rocky style script and like rocky they spent a lot of time in the ring. Compare that to the likes of American Angels where they tried too hard to develop a story with wrestlers not actresses and you see the point. The wrestling in The California Dolls looked real as it should with the like of The Fabulous Moolah consulting, they were not dressed overly clever but in sext simple leotards and it was gritty, dark dirty rings and back door changing rooms.

This film is responsible for my love of the sport and Iris in a swimsuit / leotard set the perfect mould for what I look / crave in a female wrestlers shape and appearance!

The film was a classic road movie in that 80s format so also worked. This sort of film could not be made today, if it was ever remade, the wrestlers would no doubt stay Politically Correct and wear either awful shorts or more awful trousers yet oddly the wrestling would be more over the top and exploitive but not convincing like the original. They would add in love interests and more human interest and probably cut the mud scene, in effect they would destroy it, may this forever be a sexy yet sophisticated work of art!



Brooke Carter Wrestling, a kick in the face! March 22, 2010

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I am a big fan of this site as i’m sure are many female wrestling fans, Brooke Carter is a Glory Girl but has always been a bit of an Enigma to me?

Look at her profile: http://www.glorywrestling.com/gg/BrookeCarter/BC.asp and she does have the look somewhat of a jobber, actually that sbeing unfair, she has the look of a very beautiful girl brought in to add a bit of sex and spice to a show! then you see Glory Wrestlings pic of the day today:





And you know this is not true, shes beautiful and obviously talented and i for one would like to see more!


Femwrestle.co.uk March 21, 2010

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Hi just a post to start the ball rolling sk to speak. Femwrestle is a fan site as such ghat we do not produce or promote our own videos and images any more.

We do however love female wrestling in most forms, but ideally it’s attractive but convincing (no waifs) women who can mix it up with a variety of holds and attacks and preferably adorned in a swimsuit style leotard with boots and knee pads, any images in our site can leave trouser clad pictures at the door, there are exceptions like a good sexy sports bikini, not the type that means you see the combatent adjusting her clothing every 5 seconds, you get HHS point, strong, sexy women dressed old school and actually wrestling or near as!


All comments welcome via here or the site!