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All the Marbles / California Dolls March 22, 2010

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I have a comprehensive image gallery of what would probably the best wrestling film ever made if it wasn’t for ‘The Wrestler’.

The beauty of All the Marbles otherwise known as The California Dolls was not only the wrestling but the cast. The wrestlers playing the Dolls were not 18 yr old Hollywood household names, they were not superfit looking waifs, they were women with strong fit and toned bodies but still with a glamourous curvations look, Peter Falk was amazing!

They had a rocky style script and like rocky they spent a lot of time in the ring. Compare that to the likes of American Angels where they tried too hard to develop a story with wrestlers not actresses and you see the point. The wrestling in The California Dolls looked real as it should with the like of The Fabulous Moolah consulting, they were not dressed overly clever but in sext simple leotards and it was gritty, dark dirty rings and back door changing rooms.

This film is responsible for my love of the sport and Iris in a swimsuit / leotard set the perfect mould for what I look / crave in a female wrestlers shape and appearance!

The film was a classic road movie in that 80s format so also worked. This sort of film could not be made today, if it was ever remade, the wrestlers would no doubt stay Politically Correct and wear either awful shorts or more awful trousers yet oddly the wrestling would be more over the top and exploitive but not convincing like the original. They would add in love interests and more human interest and probably cut the mud scene, in effect they would destroy it, may this forever be a sexy yet sophisticated work of art!





1. Joseph mcbride - August 9, 2010

Wow you’re so accurate on every point, all the things I’ve ever thought just never could put it so eloquently. Thanks

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